A brand new guest
engagement channel!
Google reports as much as 70% of smart phone owners have researched, planned or booked travel on their phone, however only 41% of travellers agree that researching and booking hotels on mobile is easy!*

* source: findings by Google (2016)
Wieldy is a digital assistant that helps travellers engage with a hotel in a personalised way - when finding and booking a room, as an in-stay concierge, or collecting post-stay feedback and reviews.
As a hotelier, can you imagine being able to rely on a digital assistant who is available 24/7, who can engage with many travellers at the same time and in multiple languages?!

How It Works

Content management
Wieldy gives you full control of the content you display to the traveller, with every change updated in real time.
Booking assistant
Wieldy will prompt the traveller to book by directing them to your booking engine.
Digital concierge
Wieldy will provide helpful links to the traveller, such as Google maps, local taxi numbers, and much more...

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Key Benefits

At every stage of the guest journey, from information gathering down to booking enquiries, Wieldy helps travellers click less, chat more and shorten their distance to achieve what they want.
Save time

Your staff will save considerable time from having to answer questions back and forth, both pre-stay and during a guests stay.

Targeted marketing

Compared to email marketing, Messenger has considerably higher open rates, allowing you to target a more receptive audience.

Reduce website abandonment

Wieldy brings your website to life with real-time engagement, and will hand off to a member of staff if there is any indication the traveller is not getting what they asked for.

Increase bookings and ancillary revenue

Whether it is to assist with bookings pre-stay or up-sell in-stay, guests can use Wieldy as a booking assistant or digital concierge.

Engages a wider audience

The growing number of tech savvy travellers are seeking out a chatbot that offers a real-time, user-friendly and convenient user path.

Data capture and analysis

Unlike a website or mobile app, every interaction can be collected and analysed through messaging platforms.

Touch Points of Engagement

  • Pre-booking

    • User finds hotel's website or Facebook page.
    • User is prompted to chat.
    • User is seamlessly integrated to Facebook Messenger.
    • User follows suggested user paths or asks open questions.

  • Post-booking/Pre-stay

    • User has already booked and link is included in a booking confirmation for guest to chat.
    • User asks questions before their stay (e.g. local attractions, room upgrades, etc.)

  • While at stay

    • Wieldy provides assistance during stay.
    • If user hasn't connected at pre-booking, the hotel can send a welcome email inviting user to connect.
    • User can reserve a table at the restaurant, spa treatments, ask about attractions in the area, etc.

  • Post-stay

    • After departure user is prompted to write a review on TripAdvisor.
    • User can also ask questions, i.e. request an invoice, lost property, re-book, etc.
    • Hotel can market to post-stay customers, e.g. asking them to like their Facebook page and sending special offers, join their loyalty programme, etc.

About Us

Wieldy Digital, a company birthed to disrupt the traditional ways of guest engagement have developed "Wieldy", a hotel chatbot, helping travellers click less, chat more and shorten the distance to achieve their goal.

Although our platform is also available on desktop and tablet, we believe the future is a mobile first engagement for consumers in every field of commerce, and combined with an instant messaging obsessed world, Wieldy becomes the bridge between your hotel and guest.

Wieldy has been built on Facebook Messenger that currently boasts 1.2 billion unique users, and is accessible to a traveller from a hotel's website, Facebook page or booking confirmation email. It is intended to meet the travellers' needs from pre-booking, in-stay, through to post-stay.

When Wieldy is integrated into the hoteliers daily activities, it benefits the bottom line since it reduces operational costs by deflecting interactions, providing a continuity of experience, increases revenue and delivers the best customer experience.
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